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Prof Kristen Palana shares a memory!

Those alums who studied with Kristen when she was creating the digital media program here at AUR will enjoy this memory that popped up on her FB page recently, about a note she'd received from one of her students (can anyone guess who it is?!?!?!?)

"Hi professor! Just thought of you and wanted to send this over to you. I still use and keep every cheat sheet you gave till this day. Thank you"

Kristen wrote: "Aw. She made my day. My cheat sheets were the prototypes for my current online courses! It's funny that some students still keep their cheat sheets. I'm glad the paper didn't go to waste. They were meant to be little recipes, and they always used to be handwritten."

You can follow Kristen and her exciting work as a "multidisciplinary artist and nomad professor" both on Facebook and on LinkedIn.


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