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WolfTracks - The 'Welcome Back' Issue - May 2024


I am delighted to introduce the relaunch of Wolf Tracks, AUR’s alumni magazine, now reimagined and redesigned for a new era. As the world navigated through the challenges of COVID and beyond, our alumni stories transitioned to AUR’s social media channels, leaving Wolf Tracks temporarily paused. With this revitalized edition, we are excited to bring you a selection of the year’s most compelling stories, all in one place, while broadening the magazine’s scope to include news from across our entire university community.

The essence of Wolf Tracks remains deeply rooted in its alumni origins. And one of the greatest joys of my presidency is the opportunity to meet with AUR alumni worldwide, to hear about their experiences at AUR, and to learn how their education in Rome has influenced their remarkable life and career trajectories. Reconnecting with our impressive alumni, some after many years continues to be profoundly inspiring.

In this issue, you will discover feature stories on a variety of topics, including the expansion of our student body and campus facilities, the initiation of our artist-in-residence program, our very first Giving Day, our recent academic re-accreditation by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, and exciting developments in the Aventinus Minor excavation project.

This edition of Wolf Tracks also highlights AUR’s renewed commitment to academic excellence. You will find updates on groundbreaking faculty research, innovative teaching initiatives, new additions to our signature academic travel experiences, enhanced academic programs, and the notable Harvard-AUR Summit on Migration. This issue also covers student-led initiatives, including Remus: AUR’s Literature & Arts magazine, art exhibitions, film, and drama events.

While this inaugural edition of the revamped Wolf Tracks is a significant step forward, we acknowledge it cannot encompass every noteworthy story (this would require a much heavier-weight publication!). Moving ahead, our goal is to continuously refine how we share our community’s impactful narratives and achievements, ensuring that each edition enriches your connection to AUR.


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