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There are many ways you can get involved in the ongoing life of AUR and the AUR Alumni community. From simply telling us what you're up doing to giving a guest lecture, taking on an intern, donating your time to mentor a student, or donating funds for a scholarship - you are AUR and we really want you to be involved in the institution's progress.

Share your story: Have you just made a big career move? Are you pursuing a new degree? Did you recently have an interesting travel experience? Whatever’s going on in your life, we want to hear about it! Fill out this form to get in contact with the Alumni Relations Team. We’d love to hear all your updates, and we’d especially love to feature you in a social media post, an online interview, or class notes highlighting how great our alumni are to the AUR community! 

We're also really keen for you to get involved in the Alumni life - are you interested in joining a Regional Alumni Chapter, hosting an event, or mentoring a student... let us know, and we'll reach out for a chat!

How can you help?

By submitting your data, you acknowledge that you understand and comply with AUR's data and privacy rules - read them here.

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